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 No one to write your commercial?  Forced to have the sales staff take time out of selling to write the spots?  No longer a problem!  Now, not only can you have your commercials produced, but also written.  Look below for samples of my scripts.


Car Dealer ad:

Tom had a history of bad ideas.  At the age of 13, Tom got the idea to strap rockets to his bicycle. (jet sfx) Bad idea.  Tom neglected to think about how would stop.  (crash sfx)

At 21, Tom got the idea to strap a rocket to his surfboard.  (ocean, beach music, & jet sfx) Bad idea.  (crash sfx)  The result was sadly predictable.

Then, just the other day, Tom needed a car.  He got the idea to see the experts at (car dealer name).  Good idea! (applause sfx)  They showed Tom the great selection of (car brands) and despite Tom's less than stellar credit history, they were still able to get Tom into the car of his choice.

Now, Tom has a new car and Tom's neighbor's have relief, knowing that the rockets have been retired.

Come see the new/used car experts at (dealer name, address).  Find out how they can put you in the new/used car/truck of your choice (mention finance, sale, etc)


World War 2 Memorial:

(female voice)

They fought for your freedom.  They fought for your right to express different views.  They fought for your right to worship as you please.  When tyrannical leaders threatened to take over the world, they fought.  Sixteen million Americans fought.  They fought for you, they fought for me, for the world, for freedom.  They fought...and won.

(male voice)

Saturday, May 29th in Washington D. C., a memorial will be dedicated, honoring the 16 million men and women who served in World War 2.  Fifty-Five veterans from the Whitewater Valley plan to be there, but they need your help.  They need to raise five thousand dollars to rent a bus to our nation's capitol.  Join Ranger Dave Lee this Friday at the Roberts Park Pavilion, beginning at 6am, as we try to raise five thousand dollars for our veterans to travel to Washington D. C.  W-I-F-E asks you to join us this Friday, to show our gratitude to those who fought and sacrificed on foreign lands to protect our freedoms.  God bless America and God bless those who have fought for America.


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